The Nerditorium! Behold the glory of plastic molded heros! The nerdiest toy collection you’ll ever see!

I have people ask about my toy collection all the time.  I’ve had photos here and there over the years and they kinda got spread out and out of date and whatever, so I decided to collect a bunch of them here, especially since I’ve been making some major progress on the newest evolution of the collection display.

The green wall pictures are from the new setup, and then the others are from various other setups ranging all the way back to my high school room!  I had a rather obsessive favoring for Star Wars back at that time.  Since then I’ve branched more into collecting all the little pieces of my childhood.  I can remember either having this toy or that one, or watching the cartoon, or enviously looking on at friends who had the toys when I was a kid.  Over the years I’ve reassembled a big collection of those items.