Now, About Me

I was born like any man, stunningly handsome, talented, and heir apparent to the St. Banana Islands monarchy. Alas, I lost it all in the lemur revolt of ’86. Now I’m just a man with a mind for absurdity and translating it into a series of visual queues.

Okay really though, I have always been an artist who likes to tell stories.  I grew up drawing all kinds of heroes and monsters and animals while I watched movies, played video games, and collected toys (way too many toys.)  Now I hope to add back to all that crazy pop culture I consumed over the last couple decades.

I studied art throughout high school in Georgia and then I was off to study illustration and graphic design at BYU and now I live in Idaho with my wife and five kids.  Yes five, please send work.  Will draw for food, or money so I can exchange it for food. Or toys.  It depends on if my wife is around.


Character driven creative services

I work in a variety of styles and techniques, though my work here will show my preferences. I've done illustrations for books, games, posters, toys, animation, etc. I've even done illustrations for potato bags (I do live in Idaho.) I work digitally and love vector. I will draw your monsters, robots, heroes, and grandma!

Character Design

I love character design! It's like a bag of candy on Saturday at the movies. I have designed characters for company mascots, cartoons, comics, and more. Need a character? I've got tons! And I draw, too! Let's make something together, something memorable, and fun, and attention getting.

Graphic Design

From logos to ads to packaging, I do a lot of different graphic design work. Need a logo for your hot new toy line? I'm here. Need a logo for your plumbing/dog grooming school? I'm here! I do ad layouts and packaging layouts and bottling and billboards and everything else too. Jack of all trades, I mean king! King of all trades.


Okay, now bear with me, I'm starting my service of simple animation. I can make cool characters and scenes and do little interactions and such. See my portfolio for examples. This is great for small businesses and social media pushes. This is a work in progress, but the results so far have been pretty dang awesome in my humble opinion. See for yourself!


Do you need a creative mind to help out your ideas and business? I have worked with a variety of companies in the entertainment and product markets to help flesh out original ideas and polish them for either presentations or final products. I'm not just a wrist, I'm a mind too! I think, therefore I am! Right brained and commercially trained! Buzzwords!

Voice Work

Voice work? What? Yes, voice work. I'm pretty skilled and diverse in application. I've done voice work for clients from Wendy's to Divine Comedy cartoons and Republic of Fun video games. I have a simple setup here at my home, but I also have access to a full scale studio if necessary for additional costs.


Some clients are handled through third parties, everyone loves a party, right? Or they are layered clients, I list the layers so I look cooler and more prestigious and successful. It helps the regret at not being a doctor or buying bitcoin in high school.