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Stardate, whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I'll be good and post a couple times within a week, sometimes I'll be so busy I only get back here in a year or two. Hang on! Check my instagram or something.

Mikey and Patrick Kickin’ It in the Lair

When I first started doing some work for Nickelodeon, they asked me if I could also do simple animations.  At the time, I could not.  Since then, I have been doing some study and practice here and there and this is the sample that I threw together to go back and present to Nickelodeon. I did all the art and …

New Site! Time to make the doughnuts.

It’s been quite some time, so I decided to update my site.  New, clean, fresh, like a salad wrap instead of a bag of candy.  Well, maybe a salad wrap with candy on the inside.  This post is somewhat of a test, to make sure the buttons button and the images image.

Tenderloin Meat Juicy Burgers!

I was looking at my last two projects, drawing Ninja Turtles and Hamburgers and thought, “Hey, they kinda look similar, I should draw a ninja burger!”  So, of course, I had to do it, haha.  This is the result.  My highest scoring instagram post to date.  You internet people are weird! [UPDATE]  I showed this to my contacts at Nickelodeon …

Eastern Idaho State Fair!

For the 2015 EISF I did a ton of their print and media work.  They had me create a new mascot along with all kinds of props and such for him to use.  The marketing and advertising won a bunch of awards and they decided to bring back the campaign for this year.  Part of that includes new items and …

Nickelodeon! TMNT! Its Official!

Hey guys, I got a call from Nickelodeon recently telling me how much they loved my 80’s style portraits.  They wanted me to do a series of the four turtles all decked out for an upcoming major episode event “Trans-Dimensional Turtles.” I, of course, jumped at the opportunity to do some real turtle work.  It was a dream come true!