Seers – The Old Testament Card Game Launch! Kickstarter go!

EVERYONE!!! My friends and I have been working on a board game (ok, card game) and we put the project up live on Kickstarter to try and raise funds.

Anyone can go and help contribute funding and you will receive items in return! If you contribute at least $20 you will even get a copy of the game shipped to you when we make it.

The game is a Bible based timeline game. It is a fun way for families to play together and learn more about the Bible as they go. This edition focuses on the Old Testament, but if it does well enough, we’ll move on to another expansion with the New Testament.

Even a dollar donation helps! Feel free to share the link! Also feel free hire a sky writer plane and inscribe the link in the clouds for those who don’t visit your facebook page. Any help helps. We have a month to raise the funds.

Seer-concept-sketches Seers-6 Seers-9-up Seers-BoxCoverF