The King of the Draw Something? Or just a blog title to draw traffic? You decide!

Here’s another batch of recent Draw Something! images.  I actually had my redhead drawing from the previously batch chosen as Draw Something’s doodle of the day. Cool stuff.  It got seen by thousands of people and garnered a ton of comments.  The funny thing to come out of it was that a ton of people sent friend invites not to me, but to the person I sent the drawing to – my wife!  Ha.  She continues to receive play invites from all kinds of random people.  I guess they didn’t put together that she was the recipient, not the originator of the drawing.

So, I have been playing the game every now and then over the last couple weeks and I have produced a ton of new art.  After doing so many drawings in Draw Something I have seen quite a bit of improvement on my part.  I feel more fit and healthy art wise.  Its kinda funny how beneficial it has been.  I tell people its kinda like doing some good stretches before you go running.  It helps me get my brain and art-brain going before I launch into the tasks of the day.  It also has helped me get quicker on my feet in a sense.  I have been averaging around 200 seconds per drawing.  That is pretty fast.  I have to do an immediate concept in my head, then instantly plan a composition, plan colors and go!  I see the finished image in my head for a split second and then translate it to the drawing board.  Its been a great exercise in just doing it.  Just creating without overplanning or any real concern.  Even if it goes horribly wrong, there’s no consequence or fear in it.  When it turns out well, endorphines and euphoria all around!  I’ve completed a piece of art!  I’ve just completed ten pieces of art!  It boosts my confidence and feeling of accomplishment even if they are just simple quick art fruit snacks.  I welcome the sugar rush.