HULK SMASH!! Recent Work!

Alright, I built this new website at the beginning of this year and I swore that I would keep it up to date since the new wordpress template is so easy.  Then I went and did about jack squat for several months, haha.  I need to get better.  Here’s some recent stuff.  I’ll try to add more recent work soon again so that I don’t get so far behind.

These are some personal fan art pieces just for fun.  I finished some pretty intense client projects recently and so I wanted to slip in a few things for myself before I got into another lengthy client project.

Hulk Vs. is this first grouping.  I always loved seeing the various versions of the Hulk.  There’s gray Hulk and Smart Hulk and Savage Hulk and of course, my favorite, Mr. Fixit.  I decided it would be really fun to expand out the Hulk’s range into other characters.  Kinda like the Hulk was tired of being typecast and branched out into other acting roles.  “Hulk not one-dimensional, Hulk do Hamlet in the park three years running!”

The Hulk vs. Harry Potter piece was actually featured in the Daily Deviations gallery for the website.  Its the largest art site on the web.  That was pretty cool.  It generated a lot of attention.