Draw Something has killed my other apps.

About three weeks ago or so, my wife introduced me to Draw Something from OMGPOP.  She was like, “here is something to take over all of your free time and to make you not want to touch another app.”  Well, she didn’t quite say it like that but she might as well have.  This has been the perfect app for me.

At first I was just playing along kinda like you would in a casual game of Pictionary but then I got into it.  It wasn’t just “how fast can I get the other player to guess this clue” but rather, “how creatively and artfully can I answer this challenge of a clue?”  That shifted the game into me vs. me.  How can I challenge myself to think about this and then to execute it as quickly as possible.  Even though my drawings got a little more intense, I still try to complete them swiftly and soundly.  I think that’s half of the fun.  Its like the old minute gesture drawings to warm up for each figure drawing session.

I think I average around 3 minutes a drawing now.  Some much quicker, some longer but I think that’s a good time.  Its a nice warm up and mental stretch to play the game.  I’ve improved throughout the process.  My quick concept and comps have improved.  Now I’m working on improving my creativity in how I answer that clue.  Anyway, enough chatter.  Here’s some samples!