Tenderloin Meat Juicy Burgers!

I was looking at my last two projects, drawing Ninja Turtles and Hamburgers and thought, “Hey, they kinda look similar, I should draw a ninja burger!”  So, of course, I had to do it, haha.  This is the result.  My highest scoring instagram post to date.  You internet people are weird!

[UPDATE]  I showed this to my contacts at Nickelodeon and they loved it!  They asked me if they could use it in some of their social media material.  That’s pretty cool, it should be in their instagram feeds and such.


Eastern Idaho State Fair!

For the 2015 EISF I did a ton of their print and media work.  They had me create a new mascot along with all kinds of props and such for him to use.  The marketing and advertising won a bunch of awards and they decided to bring back the campaign for this year.  Part of that includes new items and an new theme.  That included a giant hamburger.  It was a fun departure from what I’ve been drawing recently!


Nickelodeon! TMNT! Its Official!

Hey guys, I got a call from Nickelodeon recently telling me how much they loved my 80’s style portraits.  They wanted me to do a series of the four turtles all decked out for an upcoming major episode event “Trans-Dimensional Turtles.”

I, of course, jumped at the opportunity to do some real turtle work.  It was a dream come true!

80s-Leo-web 80s-Raph-web 80s-Donnie-web 80s-Mikey-web

Another One Bites the Dust!

New 80’s Villains Pop Culture Piece.  I’ve been wanting to do a Star Wars tribute for a while.  I finally based one off of a Stormtrooper!


Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

New 80’s design for TeeVillain.DomoArigato-1000

Teen Wolf for Fright Rags

I recently did this Teen Wolf design for Fright Rags.  The piece was official and licensed by Universal Pictures merchandising department.TeenWolf-moon2

secret project post pay no atttention

80's-collection DarthWarrick-400 ewok-christmas-400 newSW-room oldSW-room retro-solo-tauntaun-400 spidermaul-500 st-kit-400 Wicket-poolparty

Krang and Thor and Loki because I can.

Here’s some recent for fun pieces I did in between client notes for various “real” work.

I can’t ever pick just one style.  I work in like fifty.  Just depends on the piece and the idea.  I like jumping around.  Both of these are vector with a photo background thrown on the Krang piece and a simple texture thrown on the Thor and Loki piece.

tmnt-krang-nerdles-darkedge thor-loki-cuboids

80’s Villains – The Pop Album Covers Roundup

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this series.  I had the idea to depict a ton of 80’s villains in a new light.  Kinda like they decided to improve their public relations image by releasing pop albums and doing cover songs.  Here is the result.

WelomeToTheJungle-600 SweetDreams-600 DealWithIt-600 MeltWithYou-600 WhatIsLove-600 DreamsInWhichImDying-600 HeyMon-600 ItAintPersonal-600 IWantToKnow-600 LoveIsABattlefield-600

Random Roundup – Art

Here’s a couple random pieces done recently for one reason or another.

retro-solo-tauntaun raphael-spiderman-halloween Sawyer-Lost2 thor-frog-wip2 potandon-potato-field posti-it-sketches