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Krang and Thor and Loki because I can.

Here’s some recent for fun pieces I did in between client notes for various “real” work. I can’t ever pick just one style.  I work in like fifty.  Just depends on the piece and the idea.  I like jumping around.  Both of these are vector with a photo background thrown on the Krang piece and a simple texture thrown on …

Adult Swim Games – Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Poster

I was commissioned by Fangamer and Adult Swim Games to do this crazy black light poster as a promotional item for one of their game bundle sales.  It turned out pretty cool!  I also got a bunch of other little trinket items that were included in the bundle.  I still need to get a black light to witness the full …

Some Random Sketches for fun

I decided to draw some of my instagram followers.  I just kinda picked some at random and drew them from their feed pictures.  That’s not creepy right? (and also a sketch of Bizarro Jon Hamm, because I drew that too, recently)

Nerdle Turtles

Just for fun, trying out a new style.  I made the turtles and then slapped them on photographs I stole, er, found online.  Its a fun comicbook style, I’ll have to try it out more in the future.

Some Disney work

I did a bit of work for Disney Interactive last year.  Here are a couple of pieces that I am allowed to show from the project.  I did more items but they are still secret until the project release.

Invincible – Image Comics

I’ve been reading the Invincible comic lately.  Its by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead fame.  Its mainly drawn by the incredible Ryan Ottley.  I had to do a bit of fan art based on the comic.  Here’s a kid hero version of Invincible and a watercolor chibi of Allen the Alien.