Potatoes, of course

Idaho is potato country.  I live in Idaho, so it would be pretty criminal to not have done at least some local potato company work.  Here is just a small selection I pulled together.


Catlos is a local furniture store in my hometown.  I help them out from time to time doing billboards and ad work and other various items.  I also created their mascot for them!

Vasa Fitness Branding

Vasa Fitness started out as a series of Gold's Gyms across the state of Utah.  The owner decided to setup the gyms as her own franchise and so set out for a fresh new name and branding.  I joined a team of other marketers to brainstorm and develop this new company.  Here are a handful of different concepts and mockups ...

YPCK Branding

YPCK was a startup a couple years ago that was doing pet products and online marketing of pet product bundles.  They wanted more of a modern boutique looking branding.  I put together this branding push with logos and packaging to give them and idea of how things could look.

Creative Converting Paper Products

Creative Converting is a company that provides all kinds of paper products from plates to cups and banners and birthday decorations.  I did a variety of concept pieces for them and one line that was fully fleshed out into a variety of products for birthday celebrations.  It was so fun to see the extent of that line and even use ...

Eastern Idaho State Fair

Eastern Idaho State Fair!  I have been lucky enough to be associated with the fair for some years now.  I've done a lot of work for them on logos, flyers, billboards, ads, crossover ads, mascots, costumes, and so on and so on!  It has been a ton of fun, especially since I live in eastern Idaho and get to see ...

Disney Interactive Spark App

Disney Interactive had been working on a new family chat app for some time.  I came in somewhere in the middle of the project and did some graphic design along with some consulting.  I created a handful of different potential looks and layouts for the app.  I also did a little bit of illustrations for some digital stickers and other ...

Social Experiment Infographics

Social Experiment was working on a variety of articles in which they helped companies with a digital presence and social media presence.  I did a variety of infographics that helped present that information in a more dynamic and attention grabbing way.  Here are a handful of those graphics.

Johnny’s Seasoning & Sauces

Johnny's makes some fine ingredients!  I had the opportunity to do a variety of work for Johnny's in developing new packaging and labeling.  We went through all kinds of concepts and new lines.  Here is a sampling of some of that work.