The Deseret Initiative

curelom-onclothdeseret-onclothdeseret-alphabet-keyThere seems to be a good lack of LDS themed fun/cool art out there.  Understandable.  But lacking.  Here are two of my contributions.

The first is Zarahemla High School Cureloms.  Everyone loves those big woolly mammoths, er, I mean cureloms!  I certainly do.  Get that school spirit in a hurry with the big blue furry!

The other is a classic, the Deseret Alphabet.  I always thought it was really cool.  I wish I could easily and quickly read and write it.  Then I would feel like a spy or something, writing secretly all over the place and leaving messages.  How about you?  I’ll throw in a quick symbol reference to see if you can figure out the secret message.