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Tenderloin Meat Juicy Burgers!

I was looking at my last two projects, drawing Ninja Turtles and Hamburgers and thought, “Hey, they kinda look similar, I should draw a ninja burger!”  So, of course, I had to do it, haha.  This is the result.  My highest scoring instagram post to date.  You internet people are weird! [UPDATE]  I showed this to my contacts at Nickelodeon …

Nerdle Turtles

Just for fun, trying out a new style.  I made the turtles and then slapped them on photographs I stole, er, found online.  Its a fun comicbook style, I’ll have to try it out more in the future.

I Want to Know What Love Is – The Shredder

  I Want to Know What Love Is. I want you to show me. While I was drawing this piece, I imagined Shredder alone in the Technodrome playing this song and reconsidering his life of crime and vengeance. What if he had just left Hamato Yoshi and Teng Shen alone? Then Rocksteady walks in and Oroku snaps back to reality …

Usagi Yojimbo – The Rabbit Ronin

  I’ve been reading a lot of old Usagi Yojimbo comics lately, so of course, I had to draw him.  They are fun little comics, they remind me of a lot of the comics I read as a young kid.  I always loved animal comics like the Disney fare and even the Marvel stuff like Peter Porker the Spider-Ham.  Its …