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ninja turtle

Krang and Thor and Loki because I can.

Here’s some recent for fun pieces I did in between client notes for various “real” work. I can’t ever pick just one style.  I work in like fifty.  Just depends on the piece and the idea.  I like jumping around.  Both of these are vector with a photo background thrown on the Krang piece and a simple texture thrown on …

Nerdle Turtles

Just for fun, trying out a new style.  I made the turtles and then slapped them on photographs I stole, er, found online.  Its a fun comicbook style, I’ll have to try it out more in the future.

I Want to Know What Love Is – The Shredder

  I Want to Know What Love Is. I want you to show me. While I was drawing this piece, I imagined Shredder alone in the Technodrome playing this song and reconsidering his life of crime and vengeance. What if he had just left Hamato Yoshi and Teng Shen alone? Then Rocksteady walks in and Oroku snaps back to reality …