Merlin’s Rage: The Charactering Check out a bunch of the heros and villains that I made for the game.

I set the tone and direction for all the characters in the new iPhone RPG puzzle game.  Here’s a bunch of them.

I had two months to create pretty much all of the art for this game, or I should say all of my part of the art (which was still a grand majority.)  As such I had to work extremely fast.  I did a ton of sketches, about 150 different character sketches in Corel Painter.  Then I took the ones that I would bring to completion and threw them into Adobe Illustrator.  After I had the vectored character, I imported it into Adobe Photoshop and added some quick texture and lighting effects.  All in all, each character took an average of 3 to 4 hours.  Lightning strike-kapow!  I got into a rhythm and churned that butter.  My wife and kids didn’t really see me for two months, haha.  It was a good experience though.  I got a ton of practice and had a bunch of fun while doing it.

I would turn on Netflix and listen to random documentaries and stuff while I worked that two months.  As a result, I know a lot more about the lost city of Petra, the monarchies of the dark ages, random animals and various other eclectic topics I would otherwise have no knowledge of.  In other words, I’m ready for Jeopardy.  Well, maybe kids Jeopardy.

MR-Goblin-Bone-ES1 MR-Goblin-Bone-ES2 MR-Goblin-Bone-ES3 MR-Goblin-Dark-ES1 MR-Goblin-Dark-ES2 MR-Goblin-Dark-ES3 MR-Goblin-Woods-ES1 MR-Goblin-Woods-ES2 MR-Goblin-Woods-ES3 MR-BorsDeGanis-ES1 MR-BorsDeGanis-ES3 MR-BorsDeGanis MR-Dragon-Fire-ES1 MR-Dragon-Fire-ES2 MR-Dragon-Fire-ES3 MR-Dragon-Fire-ES4b MR-Dragon-Stone-ES1 MR-Dragon-Stone-ES2 MR-Dragon-Stone-ES3 MR-Dragon-Stone-ES4 MR-Dragon-Water-ES1 MR-Dragon-Water-ES2 MR-Dragon-Water-ES3 MR-Dragon-Water-ES4 MR-Dragon-Wind-ES1 MR-Dragon-Wind-ES2 MR-Dragon-Wind-ES3 MR-Dragon-Wind-ES4 MR-Dragon-Woods-ES1 MR-Dragon-Woods-ES2 MR-Dragon-Woods-ES3 MR-Dragon-Woods-ES4 MR-Falcon-ES2 MR-Falcon MR-Fisher-ES1 MR-Fisher-ES2 MR-FisherKing-ES1 MR-FisherKing-ES2 MR-Gaiwan-ES1 MR-Gaiwan-ES2 MR-Gaiwan-ES3 MR-Glendella-ES2 MR-GreenMan-ES1 MR-GreenMan-ES2 MR-GreenMan-ES3 MR-Hunter-ES1 MR-Hunter-ES2 MR-Isolde-ES1 MR-Isolde-ES2 MR-KingMark-ES2 MR-KingMark MR-LadyoftheLake-ES2b MR-LadyoftheLake-ES3b MR-LadyoftheLake MR-Lancelot-ES1 MR-Lancelot-ES2 MR-Lancelot-ES3 MR-Lost-Children-ES1 MR-Lost-Children-ES2 MR-Mandrake-ES1 MR-Mandrake-ES2 MR-Mandrake-ES3 MR-Mandrake-ES4 MR-Merlin-ES1 MR-Merlin-ES2 MR-MorganLeFay-ES1 MR-MorganLeFay-ES2 MR-MorganLeFay-ES3 MR-Ogre-ES1 MR-Ogre-ES2 MR-Ogre-ES3 MR-Ogre-ES4 MR-Rockling-ES1 MR-Rockling-ES2 MR-Rockling-ES3 MR-Rockling-ES4 MR-Tristan-ES1 MR-Tristan-ES3 MR-Tristan MR-Wolf-ES2 MR-Wolf