Oh the concepts… quite sad.  Working in the casual games industry leads to many times when you work on a game that starts strong and then unfortunately gets abandoned, orphaned, or maimed and killed for one reason or another.  At other times, I put together pitches of my own ideas to try and sell to a company or get produced by a studio I was working for.

This collection features both types, commissioned and originals.  Tiki Towers, Atari concepts, Sumoballs, and Zombie Boss were commissioned. Feeding Frenzy, Cloudcaster, and Conjure were my original concepts that I would still love to see produced someday.  I even put together a sample video for Conjure, it is an incredible concept.  Send me a message if you’d like to hear more on anything.

So enjoy!  I love doing the initial concept development on games.  You can’t beat that period of discovery and development when something just clicks and feels right.  Its like bottling excitement or allowing others a glimpse into your brain.

(on the Atari sketches, we had a contact at Atari that asked us to pitch a couple different ideas for reviving some of their old titles on mobile devices.  We put together a whole handful, these were a couple sketches I did for some of my pitches.  I thought a cool/bizarre side-scroller based on Yar’s Revenge would be awesome.  Kinda like the old Gradius and Life Force games.)