The Squadron 208.201.4466


The Squadron was a pretty fun game to work on.  The original concept was by my friend Randy Davis and then we developed it back when RoF was just a ragtag band.  It was one of my first game projects to work on and on top of that, it branched out into subject matter and elements that were new to me.  I hadn’t exactly had much experience with the WWII-sky-ace-adventure genre.

I composed most of the elements for the game out of photo collages.  Each map is a compilation of 50 or so different photos with a healthy dash of original vector elements to complete them.  The planes and characters and such are vector.

One of the cool features of the last build was a random pilot face generator.  As you can see in one of the slides, I built a ton of different face elements all to fit the same basic skeleton.  For instance there are like 10 different noses, 10 different eyes, 10 different mouths, etc.  Each time the player started the game, the computer would randomly mix those elements to give them a new unique face.

The final build was also to include boss battles which you can see represented on another slide.  Unfortunately, the final build was never finished or released.  Some things were actually working like the face generator and basic boss battle, but the fine tuning of other elements was never fully realized.  I wish it all could be finalized and updated, it would greatly enhance the version of the game currently in the iTunes app store.  Regardless, the game did quite well and even got as high as #20 or somewhere thereabouts in the app store. (I’ll have to check on the exact number)