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Slug Wars is the first project that I worked on for Republic of Fun.  It started as a contract job and was key in building a great relationship with RoF that continues to this day.  We did two Slug Wars titles for the iPhone and iPad.  I was the art director on both titles and handled all art from concept to final in everything except for animation.  I did provide some of the animation frames, but the rest of the characters animations was farmed out to 3DMX in Mexico.  As such, I got to handle logos, UI, characters, backgrounds, etc.  Its fun to have your hand in fifty pies at once.  This was my first time working on a video game so I kinda got thrown into the deep end and learned a lot in a short time.

I had a lot of fun creating the zany characters and seeing them come to life in the game.  My favorite is the big Mechaslug, but unfortunately, he never made it into the final game.  There were some time issues with completing his functionality for the big launch.  Slug Wars: To Shell and Back was one of the first games ever released on the iPad.