Pinheads Party was one of the first apps ever released on the iPad.  It was made for the launch day extravaganza (I can’t remember if it was officially available or not on launch day).  We had the idea to make a digital board game that would take full advantage of the new iPad’s size and playability.  Our contacts at Apple were excited for the game and pushed us to have it ready as soon as possible.

It was a really fun thing to help develop all of the various minigames that were part of the concept.  Players would flick the spinner, move around the board and depending on what color orb they landed on, they would take one of four category cards; Mega Mental, Ultra Physical, Partial Arts, or Wonder Words.  These would then lead into various minigames that used the iPads tilt controls, multi-touch, internet connectivity, and other options.  It was to do many things that a traditional board game couldn’t.  The concept was great.  I wish it would have had a little more exposure and development time put into final polishes.  It should still be available for download, go and check it out!

I handled all of the art on this app from logo to characters, UI to graphic design.