What a crazy project, haha.  I was approached by a new board game company called Unknown Games and asked to provide all of the artwork for their game.  The concept is pretty simple – kids like scratch and sniff stuff.  The gameplay consists of rolling a die, moving your character along the path and if you land on a smell space, you pick up a corresponding smell card.  There were three categories, good, bad, and mystery!  If you guessed what smell the card was laced with, you got to go again.  Kids actually loved the game.

My favorite part was getting to do that entirely crazy and over the top board.  I can’t remember how many hours it took.  I only remember that it was right around the time that I was teaching some computer arts classes at BYU and I was about to get married, so all in all, I was very busy.  Its still fun to look at that crazy board.  The actual product is a little dark and dull though, at least in the first run.  Hopefully they color corrected and punched it up for the subsequent runs.  I’ve received a bunch of calls before on people asking where they can buy this.  Its kinda funny because I don’t actually sell it, nor do I know where its available at.  Hopefully its still living its grand stinky life on store shelves around the country.