I had a lot of fun doing the Mythic t-shirts.  After completing the first wave, I launched into a bunch of new designs.  I had/have a notebook full of ideas that I just kept filling up.  I selected a handful of those designs and printed them out for this second wave.

As with the first, I tried to come up with a good mix of shirts that I would actually wear myself.  From my personal favorite “Eagle Crest (fig.13)” representing my heraldry love to “Gemini (page 46)” representing my deeper thoughts and visual poetry, this wave has it all.  All of my Mythic shirts feature an interior print with related art.  I show that off in some of these slides.  In the beginning, I also wrote a short story or “myth” to go with each shirt design.  This time around I was either too lazy or didn’t think anyone read them the first time around, haha, so they are absent.  They still exist in my head at least.