What could be better than getting paid to draw some really fun dragons for a month or two?  This was a great project to work on and I enjoyed it a lot.  I had a lot of free rein on this game throughout the development process which always makes it a pleasure.  The basic premise and guidelines that I was given was, its a mahjong adventure game, the key theme is chinese dragons, go!  I built the look and feel and everything else off of that.  I handled about 90% of the art on the game aside from the dragon animations.  Speaking of animation, I did cut my teeth a bit on this project.  I did several small animations here and there (learning some Flash in the process) and then I did a fair amount of animation work on the intro story too.

The game play involved your classic mahjong structure but with the added features of an in depth storyline and “boss battles” every so often.  You were tasked with restoring the land and helping salvage the dragons of light from the evil Drofkcor and his dragons of darkness.  You’ll see in some of the slides an elaborate map that changed as you conquered lands and brought them back to light.  You would also get new dragon hatchlings that you trained and grew to maturity.  It turned out to be a pretty fun game.

I included some large views of the six dark dragons.  They were a ton of fun to work on.  I even snuck my name into the dark dragon leader’s.  His name is Rockford backwards, ha!  Now if I can just get a project where I get to draw alien robots for a couple months.