Logo Design

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Logos logos logos!  Bogo Logos limited time!  Its over.  Sorry you missed it.  I’m just trying to think of what to say about logos.  I never intentionally set out to do logos, haha.  They somehow seem to fall into my lap or get thrown at me sometimes.  People will see one that I did for this or that and ask me to design one for them.  Which is great!  I don’t mind it of course, I just find it somewhat funny that me of all people has a fairly healthy logo portfolio.  Its like a motorcycle mechanic also creating handcrafted oak canoes… or something like that.  Maybe a monkey that tap dances?  Its kinda fun to change it up every once in a while.  I think it all started with some of my early illustration projects, I would just kind of deliver a logo sketch with the other sketches (that I was actually hired for.)  The client would be like, “I didn’t know you did logos, we actually like yours better than the GD we hired for that.”  And that was that.  And here is that or some of that.  Like all things, I doubt that all of these survived final cuts or whatnot, but I still like to show them, especially for those coming and asking if I do logos.  I do “action” logos.  I do logos that will turn it up to 11 and shatter the glass!  Of course I do logos.  I’ll probably just try to sneak some kind of character in there when I do.