I vant to suck your blud! Ah ah ah, count with me, one halloween product, two halloween product!  Okay all jokes aside, kid’s halloween projects are pretty fun to work on.  These various items were done for a variety of different clients.  Paper Magic Group was the client for the window stickers.  The large Frankenstein’s Monster and Mummy were for another client through Impact Creative Solutions (I can’t remember the end client.)  They were turned into these vacuum formed semi-3D window things with lights in them.  I really wish I had some samples but unfortunately I never found them in stores.  The paperware was solicited to some company somewhere (this was years ago) but it didn’t get picked up.  The bone thief shirt was for local Hallmarks in the Utah area.

It would be fun to do some more of these projects!  I love drawing little monsters and such.  I think I’ll be doing some Halloween kid’s t-shirts for this 2012 season.  Stay in tune!  Unless you are reading this past that date, then go find them and buy them!  Buy enough to hand them out on your doorstep for the next Halloween holiday.