Dang Ogres!

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Dang Ogres! originated as a spin-off of another project we were working on at Republic of Fun.  We had some bones from another game and we wanted to apply a totally new look, story, and evolution to it.  We brainstormed through a variety of ideas and then I sold the group on going down the “Gauntlet” road as I called it to them.  I included a photo I took of the original pitch I did off of a couple quick whiteboard drawings.  I was given free rein on the concept and design and so here is some of that work.  The game involved using your guild of adventurers to clear and maintain a village safe from ogres and other monsters.  I had the role of art director and lead artist on the project.  I created everything in these slides aside from the one mock-up shot involving an isometric village.  The background buildings and landscape in that slide were created by the talented Mark Lemmons.